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We would like to say a special THANKS to our sponsors who make our mission possible! Community support like yours is vital and more important than ever for those living with, and affected by, HIV/AIDS. Many come to our door with essential day to day needs that are simply not covered by federal, state, local programs, or grants. Through the generosity of people like you, our organization has been able to provide additional services that suit and support our clients unmet needs.

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  • Galveston Speciality Pharmacy
  • Patricia Gruy & Kerry Farrell
  • Moody Bank
  • UTMB - Philip Keiser, M.D.
  • Dianna S. Baker
  • Bill Coe
  • Economy Liquor
  • Robert Evans
  • Brian Mayes & Anthony Rios
  • Southern Comforters I & II
  • V.J. Tramonte
    In Honor of Bill Milligan & Susan Milligan
  • Paul R. Wasserloos, CPA
  • David Bowers & John Nagy
  • Pat & Bill Bumpus
  • Pam & John Froeschner
  • Don Johnson
  • George Maida
    In Honor of John Froeschner
  • Texas A&M Galveston - Office of Counseling & Diversity
  • Kaye & Mark White
  • Woven Inspiration
  • Carol & Jim Yarbrough
    In Honor of George Maida & V.J. Tramonte
  • Ann Anderson & Pat Welsh
  • Anonymous
  • Diana & Eddie Barr
  • Jack Bell & Tom Schwenk
    In Honor of Bill Love's "90" Birthday
  • Maurisa Byerly & Joel Gillis
    In Memory of Bill Cleary, Tony Molis & Michael Cooley
  • Rhoshona & Hugh Carroll
  • Daryl Ewing & Doug Seifert
    In Honor of Mark White
  • Linda & David Garner
    In Honor of David Jameson
  • Michael Grover
  • Mike Howell & Bruns Watts
  • Bill Love & G.W. Cornelius
    In Honor of George Maida
  • Taffy McDill
    In Honor of Jay Alsop
  • Sandy & Roger McReynolds
    In Honor of Nathan Sweeten
  • Pamela & Dennis Miller
  • Linda & Floyd Muehlberger
    In Memory of George Black
  • Caroline & Charlie Pate
  • Karen & Ted Waterman
  • Jim Windmiller
    In Memory of David Williamson